Dmitry Olegovich Sorokin (born August 11, 1999, Moscow, Russian Federation)

Russian entrepreneur, programmer, founder of the world's largest startup to create a new decentralized Internet network REChain ®️ 🪐, Katya ® 👽 cross-platform blockchain platform and Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 artificial intelligence, a new generation operating system for desktop and mobile devices Katya ® 👽 OS and Katya ® 👽 Mobile OS, an artificial intelligence development company and machine learning Katya AI Systems, as well as other IT projects. Professional sportsman. Champion of Russia, master of sports in boxing, master of sports in freestyle wrestling. Wrote a book about unfinished love, which has not yet been published. Member of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and other charities.

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Biography! 📸

In 2017, he entered the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Faculty of Economics. He left his second year and began his career as a programmer. A year later, he entered the National Research Technological University "MISiS" at the Faculty of Business Informatics. In the first year of study, he actively began to develop his project to create a new "free" (By The People And For The People) Internet REChain ®️ 🪐.
He maintains his social networks, actively discusses with his audience, discusses the topics of the psychology of relationships and personal management. I am convinced that global decentralization, the transition to cryptocurrencies and distributed finance are inevitable.
Dmitry was born in Moscow on August 11, 1999 in an intelligent family. Until the 6th grade, he studied at a school with in-depth study of foreign languages. After he entered the physics and mathematics class at the school at the Small Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University. However, he left a year later because he could not pass the exam in mathematics. Later he entered the Lyceum 1580 at the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, who successfully graduated in 2017.
Since childhood, I have been interested in computers and electronics. Started learning programming at the age of 12. Created simple computer games. Later he began to make websites and mobile applications. Started playing sports in 7th grade. A year before graduating from school, he was sure that he would devote his life to professional sports and fighting. Then he will start his coaching career. However, the desire to change this world and leave behind something truly important and useful for all mankind, as well as the childhood dream of his own Facebook, took their toll, and Dmitry decided to enter a university at a faculty with a high level of training in mathematics.
While studying at the university, he became interested in computer and network security. Promoted free and open source software.

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REChain, Inc

REChain ®️ 🪐 is a sharded blockchain with heterogeneous shards. In this context, sharding means dividing the work being done into multiple sub-blockchains, known as parachains. In this context, heterogeneity means that each block chain has its own state transition function, tailor-made for a specific use case. Different types of transactions will have different homes, allowing specialized networks to serve their users in the most efficient way. REChain ®️ 🪐 provides security and messaging functionality for all connected parachains.

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Katya, Inc

In the fall of 2021, we announced that we intend to release our own open source operating system for desktop and mobile systems, where we will also focus on privacy and confidentiality, protection against listening to your calls, intercepting SMS and Internet traffic. Mobile OS development has been in full swing for more than a year. We named it "Mobile Katya ® 👽" (Katya ® 👽 Mobile OS).
Katya ® 👽 Mobile OS or simply Mobile Katya ® 👽 is the most secure mobile operating system available today with support for applications developed for Android. We have decided to focus on research and development of privacy and security technologies, including significant improvements to the sandbox, exploit mitigation, and permission model.

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REChain Network Solutions

A full-scale process of launching a campaign to integrate web services and applications, as well as cloud infrastructure into the distributed blockchain network Katya ® 👽 AI 🧠 REChain ®️ 🪐 Blockchain Node Network deployed in 2017. Foreign and domestic IT companies, as well as large industrial and business enterprises, as well as indie developers, will be able to launch and implement their software, as well as transfer their ecosystems and design solutions while maintaining business logic to a fully decentralized network based on REChain ®️ 🪐 consensus protocols. All projects and business solutions, as well as cloud interfaces, will go through several stages of selection and compliance checks.

Charity! 🪜

In 2021, Dmitry actively began to contribute to world organizations for the protection and protection of animals. So, among them, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. Dmitry personally "adopted" several primates, as well as a giraffe named Fortran and a rhinoceros named Apollo. Supports the fight against poaching.

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